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Celebrating Mother’s Day – 10th March in the UK

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, the next important date on the celebrations calendar is Mother’s Day  (March 10th) !  At least that is the case in the UK.  I noticed when I lived in Spain and Portugal that Mother’s Day was sometime in May – and I believe that is the case in the US as well.Blue heart reverse

My mother always used to say that Mother’s Day was a genuine religious celebration (“Mothering Sunday”) which  always falls on the third Sunday in Lent – three weeks before Easter!  What she was suggesting is that Mother’s Day is rooted in Christian tradition, as opposed to  “Father’s Day” which (she alleged) has been invented fairly recently purely as a commercial ploy to sell Father’s Day gifts and cards.  Or maybe a group of fathers invented it because they felt left out – who knows or cares??!

I have never understood why the moveable feast of Easter Sunday couldn’t stick to the same day each year.  Once again, Easter also falls at different times in different countries.  For example, I visit Cyprus frequently and their Easter is always about two weeks after ours.  At least with Christmas you know where you stand.  Can you image the havoc if everyone around the globe celebrated Christmas Day on different dates?

To come back to Mother’s Day though, I always associate it with spring, and in the UK this week, it has definitely felt as if spring is in the air!  The daffodils in my front garden are preparing to burst forth from their hibernation – although that doesn’t mean we won’t still get snow, so don’t put the snow shovels away just yet!  I strongly believe we should show appreciation for our mothers throughout the year, and formalise it with a special token on Mother’s Day.

The traditional gifts for Mother’s Day  are chocolates and flowers.  The trouble with chocolates is that they are fattening, and many mothers will have had those at Valentine’s and will no doubt get more at Easter.   And the trouble with flowers is that they are lovely on the day, but they don’t last very long.

The best prese54-706-3133nt you can buy your mother for Mother’s Day is a bunch of daffodils or carnations PLUS a piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime – which needn’t be expensive.   A silver heart pendant always goes down well, especially the filigree designs we have on our website.  All our silver jewellery comes in a beautiful purple ribboned gift box so makes the ideal gift with money back guarantee if it fails to please.  We also have some lovely Murano glass hearts on crystal bead necklaces, for something a little bit different.

Why not take a peek now and order early for Mother’s Day!